It’s fresh, quick and delicious, but best of all, the health benefits for you and your family are amazing.
All this fish is unloaded, prepared, packed and chilled by a great team of seafood experts who we trust, to send only the best, Brian or myself are talking to at least 4 fishing companies every morning to ensure we have the variety and daily quantities that ensure freshness and seasonal catches. The exciting part about all this is, thanks to the fantastic freight companies, we get all this the very next day that it is caught for you, this is what makes Deli~ca~sea unique.
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Gurnard  N/A
Groper Fillets
Blue Cod  Friday 19th
Whole Blue Cod 
Ling Fillets
Snapper Friday 19th 
Fresh Squid frozen  
NZ Boneless Salmon, the best fresh water Salmon available in NZ

BLUFF OYSTERS 1doz premium    
BLUFF OYSTERS 2 doz smalls N/A    
Whole Sanpper



Pacific Oysters 200grm or 1/2 shell  

Kina 150g  Fresh from Bluff                                                 



Boil in the bag Salmon portions with a Sweet Chilli sauce, Butter and parsley.

Home-made Smoked Salmon Cakes                 
Home-made Gluten Free Fish Cakes  
Home-made Fish Cakes 


$2.50 each
$2.50 each

Smoked Warehou
Cold Smoked Salmon 200grm
Hot Smoked Salmon
Smoked Eel

Peckerwood Smoked or Marinated Mussels

$ 3.49 100grm
$19.90 each
$ 6.89 100grm
$19.90 200grm
$ 8.90-$9.90

Large Smoked Fish Pie - Serves 2-4
Medium Smoked Fish Pie - Serves 1-2
Small Smoked Fish Pie - Serves 1     
Seafood Chowder - serves 2
$ 6.50
Minced Paua 200grm Premium N/A$33.60

Garlic Prawn Skewer 400g     
Aussie Banana Prawn 500g
Prawn Cutlet 31/40 1kg
Atlanic Large Roeless Scallops 1kg $58.90kg

Peckerwood Seasoned Gluten Free Crumbs delicious & ONLY available at Deli-ca-Sea


Peckerwood Seasoned Crumbs 300grm
Parsley & Lemon, Peri Peri & Lemon, Italian, Dukkah, Coconut Chilli & Lime

Peckerwood Plain Crumbs 300grm


Delicious with all fresh fish & seafood

Check out the recipe page for some delicious meal ideas!         

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